Holiday pop up book project

A pop up book project for a client who wanted to create a 3D animated greeting card for the holidays to surprise there client in the shipping and Freight business in the USA.
I was tasked with story boarding out how the elements would be presented and then created the final illustrated artwork on layers in Photoshop which was then sent to to the 3D artist. He was then able to combine them with his 3D elements in C4D and render the final animation in Octane. Was fun to see my artwork in 3D and the client loved it so that`s always fantastic.
NOTE: Sample Video clip is sped up and without Audio narration just to show how my artwork was used and be qucker to watch through.
I think this may not have been the final edit I noticed a few details missing.
Here is a link to the 3D artist on this project who did the 3D animation:

2 X speed clip of final Animation