On Guard
Stephen noble onguardcolorfinal

On Guard

Stephen noble board01

Quick Storyboard sketches done in Procreate to suggest a back story or just an excuse to draw on my iPad on the couch...

Stephen noble board02


Stephen noble chavant

ZBrush Maquette to explore my creatures design.

Stephen noble dragonrender

ZBrush maquette with Polypaint applied.

Stephen noble dragonhex

Some early sketches of my dragon creature. I was aiming for a Bulldog like feel. A trusty old guardian willing to defend his family and territory no matter what.

Stephen noble fetch


Stephen noble nuisance


Stephen noble poop


Stephen noble stick

Big Stick

A fantasy piece done in photoshop including some additional sketches to explore story.
I also included a digital sculpt done to explore my creature design and aid in the final 2D illustration.