Sci-fi Keyframe exporations
Stephen noble jailscene

Alphatraz Prison colony

Stephen noble time2talk v03

2 Bounty Hunters working things out

Stephen noble jail scene 2019 11 02 22 02 251

Gravity Sketch view based on my thumbnail

Stephen noble time2talk 2019 11 02 21 02 26

Gravity Sketch- High angle

Stephen noble time2talk 2019 11 02 21 02 33

Gravity Sketch- Low angle

Stephen noble 3d blockoutv03

Octane Standalone Render

Stephen noble color

Octane Standalone Render

I started with a quick 30-40 minute block out in Gravity Sketch VR. Took a few snapshots with the Camera Tool and exported my 3D scene to Blender and then Octane Standalone for a quick render to get the lighting I wanted. Final paint over in Photoshop. This is a really fun and exciting workflow that I hope to refine and develop. Starting out in VR you really feel a connection to the scene you are creating as you discover new angles and camera placement much more fluidly than working in 2D alone. However I should note that I did a few thumbnails sketches kicking around before jumped into VR but often they can be very loose when working this way.