Wild West Challenge
Stephen noble beenwaitingv2

I've been waiting for this moment

Stephen noble gotimev2

Go time!

Stephen noble theduel

The Final Duel

Stephen noble preparationsccv03


Stephen noble 3dblockouts

3D Block outs using MODO and DAZ Studio: This process helps me develop a more realistic perspective and lighting. I might work over top of these Renders or just refer to them as I work. This stage can be very helpful.

Stephen noble thumbnailsv2

Thumbnail Studies: I started by writing down a quick plot summary Then I started sketching out different beats in the story using thumbnail sketches. Im not much of a writer so for me pictures do a far better job.

Stephen noble filmstudies

Film Studies: At the beginning of the challenge I flipped through several films in the genre to find interesting shots. From there I gathered up a deck of photos then made these studies directly or in some cases modified into a new shot all together.

This is my submission for the Art station Wild West Challenge.