iPAD Pro Plein air sketches 2018

General / 15 January 2019

Last summer  while on a camping trip I decided  to attempt  some paintings on my iPad Pro to see how close I could mimic sketching in Oils. Much to my surprise it was actually  really fun.  While it can never replace real oil painting there are allot of benefits to working in Digital. In this case I was using the Procreate App and the iPad Pro which I bring with me on most trips anyways regardless of wether I plan to draw or paint.  With no mess you are free to make adjustments with the changing light and save older versions in layers. I found not setting up in the direct sun helped allot with viewing the screen and for longer trips off grid a portable battery pack helped top up the battery after sessions. 

The Last Sketch was done over the Winter holidays while up north at a cabin we rent ( in doors of course do to the cold.) This one was about 15- 20  mins max since the light was changing very very fast.