Kirby the Wizard- work in progress

General / 29 April 2019

Just Over a year ago I purchased a Tutorial by Eytan Zana called advanced Techniques

At the time I was new to 3D and super excited by the workflow he presented here.   However after much frustration with 3D in general  I decided to take what I could learn and move on while I study more about 3D.   Recently I came across the tutorial in my library and though it might be fun to revisit. These days I am using a combination of Blender,  Zbrush  and Octane render.  While Eytan used Modo if want you can use another 3D package instead.

I recently did a sketch of a wizard based on my dog Kirby. Thought it would be nice to explore this idea  some more so why not smash the two concepts together and see what happens?

As excited as I am to jump into 3D I force myself to do some quick studies first.  This being a personal project my thumbnails can be extra ruff and ugly.

I decide on one version enlarge it  and sketch in a little more detail. I try to follow these steps more often these days because 3D can often be distracting and it can be helpful to refer back to the  sketch as a snapshot of  your original intentions should you get lost in endless tweaking later on.

After this I take a break from drawing to  make a quick Maquette  of my wizard.  Like I mentioned in my previous post on VR sculpting I like using SculptrVR  for PS4 (it's all I have at the moment)  It`s not really cut out for detailed work but its super fun to use and fast.  In 25 minutes I came up with a blocked out face, hood and cloak.  ready to fire over to Zbrush.

After that I do some more work in Zbrush .  I sculpt Just enough detail  to help out with lighting and proportions. Nothing fancy here.

This is a quick render of the 3D assets setup in Blender ready to go over to Octane Standalone.  Materials are only placeholders at this point.

Here is my final render out of Octane ready for paintover after I have added all the textures and other Octane render goodies. Displacement maps and a few 3d rocks and trees and  some volumetrics.  A light source that casts foliage shadows as well .   Anything that helps the mood.

The final Photoshop Painting with some post processing.